The PTO raises money through annual dues, fundraisers, donations, events, and business sponsors. Listed below are some of the items the PTO approved for purchase.  The PTO receives thank-you notes from students, staff, and the community.  Here are a few of the recent cards received from fund recipients. Keep scrolling to see how money was spent during current 2019-2020 and the previous 2018-2019 school year. Thank you on behalf of the Wredling PTO.

2019-2020 Thank You Cards


2019-2020 How was my donation used?

As of April 23, 2020 the PTO has approved $32,665.38 in grant requests. As a general rule, the PTO aims to provide funds to projects and requests that benefit all students of Wredling Middle School. Links have been provided for your reference. Please note that prices may have changed since purchases were made. 

April PTO Meeting

The PTO approved $4,250.00 to be spent. 


There are 15 pods/teams within Wredling Middle School. $250 was approved, per team, to enhance and support e-learning initiatives. These funds will be used to purchase gift cards from local St. Charles small businesses and will be shared directly with students at teacher discretion.


Since the Stay at Home order has been in place Mr. Loversky is hosting a virtual talent show for all students. The $500 PTO grant was approved to purchase prizes. 

February PTO Meeting

The PTO approved $17,442.38 in grant requests. 


PE Two Water Bottle Filler Fountains for lockerooms (Mr. Loversky will purchase additional for hallways)


8-3 purchase of middle grade dystopian novels, graphic novels, high interest best sellers, and current students' recommendations for all students on the team. Multiple copies of high interest texts allows "book groups"/"literature circles" as well as independent reading. Having just the right book at the right moment is magic for 8th graders, many of whom are "losing" the desire to read at this age. Student choice is important to reaching individual reading goals.


8-3 Two adjustable height standing desk


8-1 (Yearbook)- Two point and click cameras. Kids will have opportunities to be in yearbook since phones cannot be used in school.


8-1 Two sets of pinnies for basketball, soccer club, use for team activities, and/or PE


Explore/Music Two sets of drums


Explore/Music Three sets of durable headphones for music technology/keyboards


7-4 Two Settlers of Catan & extension pack 


6-3 Inspirational Vinyl Stickers for pod


Orienteering Course Fiberglass Markers


7-2 Thirty Classroom Headphones


7-2 Washable Fluorescent Tempera Paints, Team Day Activity


PE & Wrestling- New wrestling mat to replace 25+ year old mat. PTO will pay 33% of total price, partnered with Athletic Director and Administration to split costs. 


Adaptive PE/RISE Large bowling set for visually impaired


Reading Intervention Testing Privacy Shields


Speech Therapy Story Champs 2.0


Infinity 3 Books on the SEL of Gifted Students


8-3 Convertible Standing Desk


RISE- Multiple items. Measuring spoons and cups, cash box with lock, sand timers, and cash register


PE Cardio Equipment PTO granted 1/2 of request for 6 Stationary Bike  & 2 Life Fitness Elliptical 


PE Epson Business Projector, mounting bracket, and wiring. By installing this projector in the Small Gym, all students at Wredling will benefit. Will use this projector to project PE and/or SEL lessons on the wall for easy viewing and delivery of a lesson. Teachers will be able to project heart rate monitor data on the wall during  lessons, allowing the students wearing the heart rate monitors to more easily view the level and intensity of their exercise, while learning to control their heart rate during exercise.


Infinity Two puzzles 


RISE Two Lids 'n Lizards Games


Adaptive PE/RISE Bucket Ball Game


Whole School- Replace popcorn cart to hold existing popcorn machine. Current is broken and is too wide to fit through doorways.


6-2 Science Paper Cutter 


RISE Twelve wireless headphones with microphone to provide opportunities to be independent. Students will be able to select and listen to their own audiobooks, listen to their own voices and fluency, and record their thoughts to use in writing projects. Wireless is preferable due to sensory needs. 


Reading Intervention $500 lump sum to cover various items. Recognize and celebrate Reading Plus milestone achievements, independent reading, raffle prizes and software segment completion. 

December Purchase


Flowers for a student memorial, funeral service.

October PTO Meeting


Wredling Writes Club- check it out


Partnered with Wredling Administration to purchase a fish tank for the Student Services area.


Pumpkins for POD 8-4 team activity


Budget allowed for annual fundraiser expenses/prizes


Drama department request for new curtains, reinforce stairs, microphones, and to allow a Drama Club to form to allow more students to participate. 

September 2019 PTO Meeting


TREK (Teaching Resiliency, Encouraging Kids) TREK is a semester-long course designed to support students as they navigate the potential stressors that can be part of the middle school day. Through TREK, students benefit from a nurturing teacher who provides mentoring, creates opportunities to strengthen individual and group problem- solving and decision-making skills, and designs activities to foster increased social awareness. In addition, TREK teachers help students with study skills and organization.  TREK allows not only a daily check-in with a trusted teacher but also offers  time to practice emerging strengths within the classroom as they complete homework assignments.


2018-2019 Thank You Cards


2018-2019 How was my donation used?

At the end of the 2018-2019 school year the PTO approved approximately $23,000 in grant requests. Please note that prices may have changed since purchases were made. 

$60 7-2 cardstock


$2499 EXPLORE PLTW Engineering Curriculum & Shaper Origin


$165 RISE Giant Jenga Game


$120 6-2 Various Board Games


$2326 6-3, 8-2, 8-3 Adjustable Height Standing Desks


$500 8-1 Bus for Club Renovators field trip


$1600 PE two 9 Square courts


$9100 PE two Ga Ga Pits


$250 6-4, TREK, 8-2 Wobble Chairs


$369 8-2, 8-3 Stools for adjustable height standing desks


$90 8-2, 8-3 Bouncy Bands


$900 RISE Ball Chairs


$1329 8-3 100 Long Way Down hardcover books


$3036 8-3 2 bench and table for POD


$410 RISE White Board Table


$300 FACS Greatest Chef Contest prizes